The algae biomass conveyor system is constructed inside the ALGAentis  environmentally controlled bio-chamber . At the end of each algae biomass' growing cycle , the algae growth pans are automatically emptied , cleaned , replaced with sterile pans & refilled  . The wet algae biomass is then pumped into the extraction station , where the  lipids will be  cracked by a 3rd party electro-impulse lysing technology.

This licensed cracking system  extracts the algae's oil  for drop-in algal bio-fuels , to replace or blend with JP-5 , JP-8 and F-76 diesel . Additionally , end Algal product chains of Astaxanthin , Omega -3s, 6 & 9s , Nutraceuticals , Cosmeceuticals,  human proteins & carbohydrates , pigments, organic bio-fertilizer , bio-plastics , & animal /fish feed  pellets, to increase the ROI to investor and reduce the Risk . .

Bio-Fuels and Bio-Plastics Production Process

ALGAentis  is Collaborating with The Scottish Association of Marine Sciences , Algenuity , Harvard University/WYSS Institute, Florida University , Central Florida University , Origin Oil and FES Biofuels of Australia , to continually improve the system and to lower end product chain's costs. 




and  Algae Pharmaceuticals, 

produced from ALGAEntis  Processing 

Astaxanthin is the world's  most  effective Anti inflammitory,  anti-oxidant , eye protective suppliment , that produces the highest profit from any algae. 


Astaxanthin  from the ALGAEntis Production Process

Pyrolysis Fuel production  from Algae and Waste Plastics Plant in U.K.