ALGAEntis  Fully Automated Photo-Bioreactor GROWTH TOWER


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ALGAentis has Filed a Patent , for the above described Algae production process , in the U.S.A.  , with international status ,as well as Filed a Patent for a parallel process ,  to grow hydroponic salad vegetables , within the same machinery ,  under artificial light , for marketing the Patent to  major Grocery Stores. 

ALGAEntis Hydroponic Lettuce being Grown 

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The Patented ALGAentis Photosynthetic BioReactor /  (PBO) , contains double elevator stacked trays, within the vertical  growth tower, with a central elevator lift and conveyor shuttle, would contain all “ add hock” bolt-on components, including :

1.  a power Wiring Harness delivering DC inverted AC power to each Tray via a " Bus Bar" connector ,

2.  a master Manifold that continuously delivers co2 and nutrients to each of trays, during algae's or Hydroponically grown vegetable's growth cycle,

3.  a digital data wiring harness that delivers real time data gathered from in-situ sensors,  that monitor the Ph, O2 , Co2, medium’s nutrient content, ambient air temperature and submerged h2o's temperature, from monitors inside each algae growth tray, , the LED/OLED Photon intensity and spectrum, and digital data from the algae cell's density meter, all digital data delivered to the PBO’s central On-Board Computer, which determines and controls the end of the algae's growth life cycle and harvesting of algae crop , or Hydroponic Vegetable  crop.

4. The Digital Data signals to the Computer software that it is time for the Machine to Transport the Algae crop slowly,  from its docked horizontal position within the growth tower,  and convey the tray down and to the Service Window, to Harvest the crop , 24/7 5. The Extended platform in front of the service window is where the crop's growth tray would be rolled out onto, to allow tray to be located away from lift , the full tray is then raised up in back, so algae biomass and water inside growth tray can be gravity emptied to an open container bin,  waiting below. 

6. The crop's growth tray would then be lowered back down to a horizontal position, then the polyethylene tray inserts would be removed and placed into a commercial sized "dish" washer, for crop's growth trays to be sterilized, to eliminate algae’s bio-film buildup and eliminate the bacterial contamination of the next algae  or Hydroponic Vegetable crop.  

7. The sterilized, clean polyethylene algae growth tray inserts would be placed back into the metal trays. 

8. Growth Trays are fabricated , standard , polyethylene , that are built to match the Growth Tower's internal  Elevator tray and mechanical conveyor dimensions, for either algae or vegetable crop production . 

9. Those trays are then  re-filled with algae spores, co2 , a " Rich " growth medium,  containing nitrogen and potassium, dissolved Co2 , and our " Secret " fertilizer,

or replanted with Hydroponic Vegetable cube seedlings. 

10. The Tray would then be conveyed back up to its predetermined docking position within the algae Growth Tower/PBO.

11. The  crop's growth tray would make contact with 2 " Bus bars " mounted on frame work of Tower, which is the DC power connector , that powers Electrical Powered LED lights and a Digital Data Bus Bar .

12. The PBO would then monitor and time the next algae crop for another completed , automated growth cycle.

13. Excess O2 is exhausted to external air,  at top of Growth Tower .

14. Scale is achieved by simple redundancy of core modules.

15. Years of installation and service of core machinery,  for original application of the growth tower's  machinery ,  provides solid mechanical performance.