Mounted above each algae growth tray/pan is a new, low energy 48 watt , LED light source,  which radiates algae

or Hydroponic Vegetables ,in a specific intensity  and light spectrum , of which the algae cells and plants  can completely consume . The algae biomass growing cycle , or the Hydroponic Plant's maturity cycle, is monitored by in-situ sensors , which monitored data is fed into the system’s central computer proprietary software , which controls the  timing of the automated conveyor's production speed , climate ,  input matrix and throughput ,  and completed harvest cycles .  

Algaentis is the ONLY Proven , Fully Automated Growth Tower , in the World 

Description of the PATENTED ALGAentis Algae Growth Tower Production System:

A completely New, Novel, Breakthrough Algae production technology , that is Controllable ,  Predictable , Reliable , and Sustainable  . For the first time , a fully automated Algal biomass Fuel production system is now possible with the ALGAentis  Photoautotrophic Bioreactors , on an affordable economy of scale , 24/7 ,  for any climate or latitude , by eliminating sun light , large water demands and footprints .

The key to the  ALGAentis  biofuel’s mechanical and biological algae cultivation invention is that each identical  , thin shallow Algae Biomass growth tray/pan is vertically stacked , creating 200 m2 from each single m2 of the Growth Tower’s small footprint , increasing the algae throughput yield by 200-fold . Scaling up to Industrial algae biomass output and reducing per kg algae costs is accomplished thru simple redundancy .  Docked into its fully automated , vertical stacked Growth Tower , each algae growth pan is injected with liquefied CO2 , nutrients , and algae spores. This  biological matrix can complete its growth cycle within hours vs days. 

The ALGAentis Biosolutions' fully automated algae cultivation process also delivers a new “clean room” platform ,  for the emerging Algal Bio-Medical field to scale up within , post lab.

ALGAentis has Filed a Patent , for the above described Algae production process , in the U.S.A.  , with international status ,as well as Filed a Patent for a parallel process ,  to grow hydroponic salad vegetables , within the same machinery ,  under artificial light , for marketing the Patent to  major Grocery Stores. 

Please take a look at the ALGAENTIS  Photo-Synthetic Bio-reactor ,  
and let us know if we can open these discussions , to locate a small unit at your research center , for project's testing . 

The Patented ALGAentis PBR is the closest operational platform to a Clean Room atmosphere , that exists today, in the Algae production and Algae Medical R&D fields. 

We are looking for biological collaboration partners, to supply our algae production with modified algae strains , to improve and increase algae yields, for many algal end products, to lower CAPEX  costs. We are also Proven in our Hydroponic Vegetable
Crop Production , and can grow fresh produce, 24/7/365 in Ice Land , Tokyo, New York City

Please give us a call to discuss the ALGAentis Process and Machinery, and how we may add value,  to your hydroponic and  Algae Propagation solutions.