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The ALGAentis Biosolutions' fully automated algae cultivation process also delivers a new “clean room” platform ,  for the emerging Algal Bio-Medical field to scale up within , post lab.


The advantages that our Patented ALGAENTIS algae biomass processing machinery delivers are: 

1.  the PBR eliminates the fatal flaw of bacterial contamination of the algae biomass, experienced by all other Algae processes , because after harvesting each completed batch , the secondary algae growth trays are removed for sterilizing and replaced with fresh polyethylene algae growth trays, eliminating the algal bio-film buildup , which cause the bacterial contamination ,
2. Complete control of and ability to mimic all atmospheric conditions, required of any algae specie.  
3. Both Lab and scale cultivation of algae is accomplished in same equipment .

No other algae propagation system can do this

Prevention of Bacterial Contamination        The ALGAENTIS process of removal and replacement of the Algae Growth Trays, with new sterile growth trays , after each harvest cycle, inserted into the Growth Towers automated  Algae Growth Trays, stacked within the fully automated vertical elevator unit,  is what stops the Bacterial Contamination from developing,  from  the previous batch of Algae ,  continuously propagated with the Growth Tower Trays .  Bacterial Contamination , from buildup of algae , within  Vats , Pipes, Open Ponds and Bag systems , is what triggers Bacterial Contamination

For the first time , a fully automated Algal biomass production system is now possible with the ALGAentis  Photoautotrophic Bioreactors , on an affordable economy of scale , 24/7 ,  for any climate or latitude , by eliminating sun light , large water demands and footprints .

  A completely New, Novel, Breakthrough Algae production technology , that is Controllable ,  Predictable , Reliable , and Sustainable  .